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Natural Stone Polishing Sydney

When it comes to maintenance, preservation and restoration of natural stones such as Marble, Granite and Limestone, nobody beats the vast expertise and in-depth knowledge that JSC Concrete Polishing have. Restoring beautiful natural stone flooring with expert polishing and advanced equipment and products that will have your natural stone flooring looking brand new.

Concrete Grinding, Polishing and Sealing

At JSC Concrete Polishing we provide a multi-stepped process that gives you the option to choose the level of sheen from stain to high-gloss. After we have grinded down, polished and sealed the concrete it can turn any dull grey surface into a work of art.

Polished concrete

Concrete polishing hardens and strengthens the surface, helps with resistance to contaminants and discoloration, and in general improves the quality of the concrete floor. It is one of the most ideal floor finishes, creating a modern décor to any establishment. Dull gray floors can be transformed into a pristine surface, all with the help of our expert polishing services.

Terrazzo Polishing & Sealing Sydney

At JSC Concrete Polishing we are able to restore your Terrazzo Floors back to a pristine shine that adds beauty and décor to any environment. We specialize in polishing and patchwork to create the original look of the Terrazzo, and also use products that help strengthen the floor for better protection and durability. We then seal it to ensure life long durability.

Marble Polishing & Sealing Sydney

When it comes to Restoring Marble Flooring to their original pristine beauty JSC Concrete Polishing is the “Surface Polishing Experts in Sydney” you can rely on to revamp your marble flooring, by providing skilled and quality polishing and treating the surface with a protective sealer that fills in the pores and repels spills on the surface.

Sandstone Polishing & Sealing Sydney

If your sandstone floors are beginning to look dull and matte, even after you have given them an efficient domestic clean or if you notice that your sandstone tiles are staining easily, this is a good sign that your previous sealer is wearing off. JSC Concrete Polishing provide you with an expert polishing and finish it off with a sealer.

Limestone Polishing & Sealing Sydney

At JSC Concrete Polishing we provide professional polishing for Limestone Flooring that will enhance the colour and appearance. The best way to prevent stains is to treat the surface with a protective sealer. The sealer fills in the pores and repels spills on the surface.

Travertine Polishing Sydney

Over time, the finish on travertine tiles can becomes worn and scratched, especially in high traffic areas. This leaves the tiles looking dull and unsightly. Polishing removes the scratches and leaves the floor with a renewed shine. Using special polishing pads and advanced machinery JSC Concrete Polishing sand down all the blemishes and resurface the tiles.

Tile Floor Buff & Sealing Sydney

Tile polishing is recommended for tiles that suffer optical hazing. Optical hazing is a widespread problem with polished porcelain tiles, which gives the surface a smudgy or hazy look. Cleaning tile and grout takes a combination of specialised industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products. By using specially developed cleaning products and advanced cleaning equipment we are able to clean your tiles and grout to the highest quality in Sydney.

Polished Concrete Bench-Tops & Countertops

Polished concrete bench-tops and countertops add a unique style to any home. The sleek pristine polished concrete can enhance any style from country to contemporary, industrial, and from traditional to modern.

Floor Sealers and Paint Application

At JCS Concrete Polishing we apply floor sealers with every polish. Our sealers are based on a hard resin that provides a durable and serviceable finish with excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces including Concrete, Sandstone, Tiles and more.

Industrial Flooring

Floors in industrial or commercial settings, such as department stores and warehouses, are under a lot of strain from constant traffic. When looking for a floorpolishing options JSC Concrete Polishing have the expertise and the advanced equipment to deal with large surface polishes like industrial flooring.

Concrete & Aggregate Supply & Pouring

We supply high quality, long lasting polished concrete to add a touch of elegance to any area and offer a range of aggregate colour choices so you can customise your polished concrete look.

Concrete Grout & Crack Sealing or Repairs

At JSC Concrete Polishing we have all of the appropriate tools and equipment to deal with any concrete grout and crack sealing repairs, along with a team of specialists who have years of experience and knowledge to deal with any crack no matter how big or small. I experts will recognise if a crack may mean there is a problem in the foundations and advise you on your options.

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