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Terrazzo floors are a beautiful and durable addition to any home or business. They are also easy to maintain and don’t require constant upkeep like you would find with wooden or carpeted flooring. At JSC Concrete Polishing we provide Terrazzo Flooring Restoration throughout Sydney that can transform dull floors back to their original beauty. Our expert technicians ensure that stains can be removed, chips and cracks repaired, and the whole surface polished to a high sheen.

JSC Concrete Polishing is your premier source of Terrazzo Polishing and restoration services in Sydney. Our service uses only the most advanced grinding and polishing machinery and our expert process means no coatings, sealers or waxes, ever. All stain removal and patch work is handled during the process.

With our advanced and professional products and equipment we guarantee to deliver uncompromising results better and faster than any competitor’s technology.All of our projects are completed on budget, within budget, and dust free so you can be assured that the process won’t leave you a mess.

We service the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors of Sydney. We have a team of hard-working professionals who are capable of handling all of your terrazzo flooring needs. Our dedicated team is highly trained, fast and efficient.

We offer a full range of Terrazzo floor polishing services including:

  • Terrazzo Grinding
  • Terrazzo Sealing
  • Terrazzo Polishing
  • Terrazzo Restoration
  • Terrazzo Crack and Stain Repair

Our Restoration service involves mechanically grinding to level and smoothing the surface, followed by polishing up to the level of gloss desired.We take care of all repair work and all phases of the project. When complete, your floor will be amazingly beautiful and require little maintenance.

Beautiful and Seamless Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is a durable and beautiful flooring used to enhance the look and feel of homes or businesses. Terrazzo is made from a mixture of Onyx, Granite, Marble and Glass, combined with cement, the amount of materials used to make this type of flooring differs slightly with every installation. This combination of materials creates durable yet beautiful and stylish flooring that can fit in any environment.

Unprofessional floor polishing can actually decrease the aesthetic of terrazzo flooring. Maintaining terrazzo floors require expert restoration and should be left only to a professional who understands the importance of quality polishing and restoration of these unique style floors.

At JSC Concrete Polishing we pride ourselves on “Quality Restoration and Polishing of Terrazzo Floors across Sydney.We use state of the art machinery and products built specifically for terrazzo floor polishing that guarantee to revive your terrazzo flooring to its initial glory of when you first had it installed. Say goodbye to dull worn flooring and hello to an immaculate luster surface that will complete that stylish décor in your home or business.

With an expert team of specialists we ensure that our restoration and polishing services will revive your dull and worn floors back to their original pristine shine. We repair all cracks, chips and remove all stains to leave your terrazzo flooring looking brand new. We leave you with low maintenance and long lasting beautiful floors.

JSC Concrete Polishing technicians are professionals you can rely on to grind and/or polish your Terrazzo floors to an optimal finish and quality that will exceed your expectations.
Our skilled specialists are able to polish your floors to perfection that will leave you astonished to see the beautiful end result.

Versatility of Terrazzo Tiles/Floors

This type of flooring has many advantages, one advantage of using Terrazzo Tiles or terrazzo seamless flooring is that the floor is exceptionally sturdy and strong. They are one of the most resilient tiles available in the market and are far stronger than stone and ceramic styles. The most standout quality of terrazzo flooring is that it is so beautiful. Terrazzo flooring is made from all-natural materials which not only makes this a visually unique floor but also completely recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. The hypoallergenic properties of terrazzo flooring also make them perfect for those that have difficulties with allergies and sinus problems. Terrazzo floors are also heat and water resistant.

Terrazzo floors can be placed in high traffic areas, or commercial buildings, because they are durable enough to last a lifetime and are extremely easy to clean.The cost to restore/polish a Terrazzo floor back to its original beauty far outweighs the cost to replace the floor entirely.

At JSC Concrete Polishing we are able to restore your terrazzo floors back to a pristine shine that adds beauty and décor to any environment. We specialize in polishing and patchwork to create the original look of the Terrazzo, and also use products that help strengthen the floor for better protection and durability.

We provide Terrazzo Floor Polishing in high gloss, semi-gloss or matte finishes, depending upon the requirements of our clients. Our goal is to meet your needs and wants as best we can to leave you satisfied with the end result.

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