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1. Is there a difference between mechanically polished concrete vs. honed concrete?
Honed concrete does not have as much of a refined finish as mechanically polished concrete. Mechanically polished concrete can be stopped at a matte finish or continued being polished to a semi or high gloss finish.

2. I want my concrete a different color, is that possible?
Yes, you can stain your concrete a different color but not all concrete absorbs at the same speed. Therefore, colors may not be equal.

3. How do I clean a polished concrete floor?
All that you need to do is clean it with a dust mop daily. Spills should not be left to soak in the floor. For weekly cleaning, use water or a cleaner made for Polished Concrete.

4. How long until I can walk on polished concrete?
For a grind and seal it is recommended to not walk on it for 24 hours and no vehicles for one week.

5. What flooring should be used for industrial setting?
“Industrial flooring” should be hard wearing, slip resistant, chemical resistant and long lasting. Therefore, we would recommend an epoxy coating or polished concrete flooring.

6. When should I have my floor polished if I’m building a new house?
After the frame is up but before the skirting and plaster is done with. However, you should consult us from the start so we can guide you on the best way to pour slabs for optimal results.

7. Can I choose the color for the polished concrete?
If we have to polish an existing slab then your choice is limited to whatever is in the concrete. If you want to change the color, you can put a color dye on the top. Do not underestimate the color of the cement as it can change the look and cost of the flooring.

8. Can I place polished concrete in wet areas?
It is possible. However, it is better to do a grind and seal so that the sealant is water proof. This way no water can seep into the concrete.

9. What do I do about cracks in the concrete?
Our grouting procedure can help fill in smaller cracks. However, we can never guarantee that concrete will never crack.

10. Is polished concrete eco-friendly?
Yes. Since Polishing jobs are done on existing concrete, which is made of limestone, the most common mineral on earth. CONCRETE can be made from waste byproduct as well. It is a very small contributor to greenhouse gases.

11. If I have asthma/allergies, is polished concrete suitable for me?
Yes. It is one of the best solutions for allergies and asthma. Polished Concrete floors will not support the growth of mould, pollen, dust mites and dust is easy to clean.

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