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JSC Concrete Polishing is the Sydney specialist in Grinding and Sealing Sandstone in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you are enhancing the area around your swimming pool/driveway or restoring sandstone to your indoor/ outdoor living space, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to restore sandstone.

We only use the most trusted and proven techniques, equipment and products with the best advancements in the industry, performed by skilled and experienced tradesmen to ensure your sandstone is a work of art that adds quality and style to your living space or outdoor environment.

If you have sandstone that has cracked or deteriorated we can reshape and fix the chipped edges, and make it look brand new .Not only do we restore sandstone work but provide the best expertise cleaning of sandstone in the Sydney area.

JSC Concrete Polishing has in-depth knowledge and experience that excels in Sydney sandstone and stonework services. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, performing each job with the best in products, equipment, services, techniques and workmanship.

Our rates are competitive and our talent and experience are unmatched. We are the stone experts in Sydney, servicing all aspects of your sandstone and stone work needs. Call us today to discuss your sandstone needs or to receive your free consultation today.

Sandstone Services Sydney

At JSC Concrete Polishing we understand that sandstone work requires a special and particular maintenance that can only be carried out by professional and experienced specialists. Any form of Sandstone Restoration, Cleaning and Repair requires skilled handy work and state of the art equipment in order to avoid further deterioration that improper methods may cause.

We provide stone Restoration, Polishing and Cleaning services in Sydney and understand the value of your investment.To ensure that your sandstone work whether it is for your home or business is restored to a pristine condition, we only use the finest equipment and products along with skilled and high quality workmanship.
We offer a full range of Sandstone services including:

  • Sandstone Grinding
  • Sandstone Sealing
  • Sandstone Polishing
  • Sandstone Restoration
  • Sandstone Crack and Stain Repair

At JSC Concrete Polishing we ensure that our sandstone restoration can bring old Sandstone floorings back to their original beauty. Stains can be removed and the whole surface polished to a high luster.We handle all size jobs, and complete the job from start to finish, reducing all headache and stress so that you have the peace of mind that your sandstone needs are in professional hands.

Sandstone Restoration& Cleaning

JSC Concrete Polishing specialises in Sandstone Restoration and Conservation around Sydney to protect your Sydney home’s heritage. If your sandstone floors are beginning to look dull and matte, even after you have given them an efficient domestic clean or if you notice that your sandstone tiles are staining easily, this is a good sign that your previous sealer is wearing off and your Sandstone floors will need to be resealed immediately to prevent detrimental staining.

Our skilled tradesmen repair and restore your existing stonework to recreate the original masterpiece of your stonework. Our sandstone restoration service not only recreates the beauty of your sandstone, but slows down the deterioration of it as well to ensure a long lasting effect.

Our team of organized and experienced specialists determines the problem prior to restoring your stonework to ensure that the most suitable restoration is applied. We use diverse methods to ensure the best techniques are applied, and only superior products are utilised for each project.

At JSC Concrete Polishing we ensure patching materials match the color and texture of the existing materials and ensure that the materials used will not depreciate over time. Our skilled specialists are able to replicate or build back missing chunks in elements and mix the colours to blend in the repair without a blemish to leave your sandstone work immaculate.

Dirt, debris, and pollutants as well as other forms of soiling can take its toll on sandstone and even cause deterioration or decay, decreasing its natural beauty and becoming a threat to the existing sandstone work.

Standstone Pavers

The utmost care must be taken when cleaning sandstone as inappropriate methods can damage the stone further or weaken its existence. JSC Concrete Polishing use state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure excellence and safety when performing sandstone cleaning.We will give your Sandstone Pavers the best expert cleaning & restoration methods that will leave your Sandstone pavers looking fresh and back to their natural color again.

At JSC Concrete Polishing we offer the right solution to protect your Sandstone by using highly penetrating impregnating water based sealers. To ensure your stone surfaces stay smooth and reflective, we employ the use of high speed polishers. Our unique and professional cleaning methods ensure that your worn sandstone will be transformed to its natural beauty.

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