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At JSC Polishing we provide a wide range of marble services to help our customers maintain their marble flooring’s original shine. Our marble experts are highly trained and skilled and use only the best in products, equipment and techniques to ensure precision and expertise in each job performed.

We offer a full range of Marble services including:

  • Marble Grinding
  • Marble Sealing
  • Marble Polishing
  • Marble Restoration
  • Marble Crack and Stain Repair

When it comes to marble grinding JSC Concrete Polishing are the answer, we are able to maintain your marble flooring for many generations. With some companies marble grinding can be a terribly messy process, but with the use of state of the art grinding tools JSC Concrete Polishing have made the procedure into a virtually dust-free job. Our grinding services include Leveling and Lippage Removal, Grinding and Polishing.

With our high quality marble grinding,JSC Concrete Polishing has made it unnecessary to continuously grind the marble flooring in order to maintain its pristine appearance. Once we have completed our work, one of skilled specialists will instruct and set you up with an effective system to care for your stone to ensure the longevity.

Our services use only the most advanced grinding and polishing machinery, servicing the residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout Sydney. Let our team of hard-working professionals handle all of your Marble Flooring needs. Our dedicated team is highly trained, fast and efficient.


Having being used in Ancient Greece and Rome the lifespan of marble is beyond imagination, many marble creations from ancient architecture still exist today. It is one of the oldest and most durable building materials. Marble is an all-natural material created by the earth. That means that it is eco-friendly and bio degradable, and will not cause pollution at the end of its functional life.

With a strong durability and long lasting life it is no surprise that marble flooring is a common choice for residential homes and businesses, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and hotel lobbies. They create an elegant and pristine décor to any atmosphere along with providing strong and durable flooring unlike wooden or carpeted flooring. Marble flooring can complement many different decorating designs ranging from classical styles to ultra-modern styles, but like any flooring, marble flooring can eventually become dull and worn.

When it comes to restoring Marble flooring to their original pristine beauty JSC Concrete Polishing is the surface polishing experts in Sydney you can rely on to revamp your marble flooring, by providing skilled and quality polishing.Unlike many other stone flooring materials, marble is able to withstand an exceptionally high polish. This allows us to get the surface of marble extremely smooth and shiny. Polishing marble flooring also tends to bring out the colors in the stone making them more noticeable and dramatic to add to the stylish décor our clientele are seeking.
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Marble polishing can be a difficult job to execute without the proper training and equipment because of the natural variation in the stone, the stone is a softer stone, consisting of many different minerals. Over time marble can lose its gloss and become dull and worn. It is important that when executing a professional polish the utmost care is taken.

At JSC Concrete polishing we are Sydney’s specialist in all aspects of marble floor services. We employ the finest marble technician experts who excel in experience and skill. Our products are only top of the line products, and our workmanship excels customer expectations.With years of experience in Marble Flooring Services and a team of trained specialists we can restore marble flooring back to its natural beauty.

We can assure our customers that a professional polished marble floor by our team of specialists will easily last anywhere from two to five times longer than other polished flooring options.Quality workmanship is of the upmost importance when executing any job, to ensure customer satisfaction with the end result.

JSC Concrete Polishing practice innovative polishing procedures to enhance the surface of your marble flooring. Our technicians are experts in the trade and only utilise the most state of the art polishing equipment and techniques with years of experience in the industry.

Our team of specialists have years of experience and training in all forms of marble work and in a wide range of jobs from both residential and commercial. We use only the best cleaning materials for a meticulous job performance. By performing quality workmanship to the highest industrial standards JSC Concrete Polishing have built a dependable reputation throughout Sydney.
Marble Polishing with JSC Concrete Polishing is a reliable and affordable solution to put the life back into your marble flooring or to add sheen to a dull stone.

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